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“In order to break the rules, you must first master them.”

The above is one of Audemars Piguet’s company taglines, and it is one that describes the Le Brassus-based watchmaker perfectly. The Royal Oak first broke the rules of luxury watchmaking by positioning itself as the world’s first high-end sports watch. Not only is the concept rather novel, but the watch design was special, being the creation of late Gerald Genta. In 1993, perfect replica Audemars Piguet broke the rules once again with the Royal Oak Offshore (ROO). The Offshore is basically a Royal Oak on steroids, and it is widely touted as the extreme sports version of the latter. As with the trend in the noughties and beyond, the ROO became highly popular – all thanks to its large and chunky case which provides a good wrist presence.

Best Fake Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Watches

Over the years, 1:1 best fake Audemars Piguet had spawned many different variants of the Royal Oak Offshore. Some of the more notable ones include the Diver, Rubberclad, Themes, End of Days, and the Terminator 3 (T3, for short). These pieces range from 42mm to 53mm, with different colour themes and case materials. Overall, it is no doubt polarising, but there is no question about its huge following especially amongst the younger collectors as well. This is no longer a watch, but a fashion statement.

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