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Sapphire Hublot Sensations That Give New Meaning To Transparency

For decades, sapphire crystal was mainly used to cover the front, and in many cases also the back, of luxury replica watches. Its high scratch resistance made it the perfect material for that. While not too difficult to process into small discs to protect the dial and movement, crafting an entire watch case and more out of it, it an entirely different ball game. There the advantages that the material offers become a challenge. However, this hasn’t stopped a few brands from going for full transparency and create breathtaking sapphire sensations.
Sapphire Case Fake Hublot Big Bang Tourbillon Full Sapphire

Hublot enjoys a solid reputation as one of the leaders when it comes to crafting sapphire cased Hublot watches. Not only are they capable of milling them in complex shapes, but they are also a master in making them in colors, which is one of the most challenging things to achieve.

Sapphire is also the perfect material to show off the exquisite automatic tourbillon movement that the brand recently launched. However, they didn’t want the transparency to stop just there, and that is why they also crafted the bracelet out of sapphire.

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