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Is the ‘Sleeper’ Swiss Luxury Replica Patek Philippe 5960/1A the Next Big Thing?

The perfect replica Patek Philippe reference 5960 was first released in 2006 in platinum and it instantly won acclaim as it was the brand’s first automatic in-house chronograph. Then in 2014, Patek released the 5960/1A in stainless steel with a silvered dial and everyone had mixed opinions about it —read our hands-on review here—, I personally felt it was a very well-balanced timepiece and a lot of watch for the money to be quite frank. Honestly, where else can you get an annual calendar of this pedigree paired with a 12-hour mono counter flyback chronograph? The answer is nowhere.

At the time the watch was released and still under production, the sticker price was close to $55K USD but the watch could be had with a small discount from the ADs. Long gone are those days where high quality fake Patek Philippe watches would be discounted by authorized retailers.

While I instantly loved the 40.5 mm case —as I prefer bigger watches—, I wasn’t thrilled with the matching stainless steel bracelet and its rice-bead link construction. Nevertheless, I could immediately tell that this bracelet was like no other and it exuded Patek Philippe copy DNA from top to bottom. Eventually, the bracelet grew on me and all I can say is that it wears very comfortably, it is very nicely built, and I personally wouldn’t have it any other way.
In 2017, Patek released a second version of the 5960/1A sporting an ebony black dial and discontinued both versions of the 5960 in stainless steel a few months after. While these two watches have been ‘sleepers’ out there, seems like things are changing relatively quickly.

Considering its short lifespan and limited production, the Swiss movement copy Patek Philippe 5960/1A is highly collectible with either silvered opaline or ebony black dial. I personally don’t like the black dial version but that’s just me. Black dials tend to make watches look smaller and they are just not my cup of tea. When it comes to something like Patek, I feel that a complication like this one looks better with a light color dial. Not only it is easier to read due to the contrasting red and black elements against a silvery opaline backdrop but the angles on the applied markers and the calendar apertures seem to come to life much better.
While many feel that the black dial is more collectible as it was produced for a shorter period of time and it is already commanding much higher prices than the silvery opaline counterpart, I really don’t know how many watches were produced per dial by Patek Philippe.

Frankly, I don’t even know if the silvered opaline dial 5960/1A was produced alongside its ebony black counterpart as production at watch manufactures sometimes is done in batches by reference, sometimes even way before a new dial is being released by the brand.

Is it possible that Patek produced a very low number of silvery opaline dial 5960s in line with that of the ebony black one? Yes, it is possible in my book.

What I do know is that when it comes to best replica Patek Philippe and its complications, stainless steel is rare and highly collectible. Furthermore, when Patek discontinues a reference is always a mystery why they do and there is a direct impact on secondary market prices one way or another. Just look at the Nautilus 5711/1A that was recently discontinued. I really don’t need to tell you much about this.

Could this be the next big thing for Patek and watch collectors? I think so and I will explain why.
After the 5960/1A —silvery opaline— and the 5960/1A-010 —ebony black dial— were discontinued at the end of 2017, these two watches could still be purchased slightly under their retail price and below the $50K USD mark. Today, only four years later, pricing for the 5960/1A-010 has soared up to $75K USD for preowned examples and close to $85K USD for unworn sealed. Meanwhile, the preowned 5960/1A has been climbing at a steady pace all the way from the low $40K USD up to $55-60K USD in the last five months, and for unworn and sealed examples, these are now going for $60-65K USD.
If we take into consideration the current watch market conditions and how prices are all over the place, I venture to say that when it comes to Patek, right after the ‘Nautilus frenzy’ the 5960/1A will become that next piece that many will like to own.

While the copy Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph is nowhere near the Nautilus or Aquanaut in terms of popularity, it does have a silent following, and many that despited the watch at the time of its release now want to own one. Furthermore, many 5960 lovers are already hoarding multiples of them in preparation for the continued increase in secondary market prices.

Mark my words and keep an eye on prices for the next six months, you will see what I am saying. A sleeper watch that you should buy now before it’s way too late.

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