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A 1966 High-quality Tudor Prince Oysterdate ‘Big Rose’ Ref. 7996 Fake Watches With Box And Papers

This AAA perfect replica Tudor “Big Rose” sits at the intersection of three trends we’ve been following over the past year. With a 34mm Oyster case that sits close to the wrist, this ref. 7996 offers a look that’s unmistakably vintage, even from afar. Gone are the days when small-diameter non-sport Rolex and Tudor watches trade well below their larger, bezeled brothers. Collectors are increasingly looking to these simple references as perfect daily watches. Another feature previously seen as a flaw by the community is the lack of lume on the dial and hands. General sentiment has changed on this, with non-lume watches offering worry-free ownership with no risk of lume loss on a hand or an hour marker. To top it all off, this example is offered complete with box and papers, showing an original purchase by an active serviceman in Vietnam.

Silvery Dial Fake Tudor Prince Oysterdate ‘Big Rose’ Ref. 7996

Through the PACEX catalog, Americans serving in the Pacific were offered the opportunity to purchase goods intended for sale in the markets in which they were stationed. The catalog included cameras, stereos, chinaware, small appliances, and, of course, watches. While most of the items were manufactured in the Pacific (like Seiko watches and Fujifilm cameras, for example), some were made outside the area but simply sold there, such as a Swiss watch. This watch was sold July 1, 1968, for $92.50 and is described as “1 Tudor watch” on the receipt, with intent for personal use. With a full set of box and papers, receiving this watch will offer nearly the same experience as the first owner. Just imagine yourself picking it out in the PACEX before the mailman arrives while you’re heading to the Online Shop to make it your own.

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